Laws and thoughts

While doing my laws in education class I got to read an interesting article about a young man that was diagnosed with autism and anxiety. I was actually surprised to see that beginning at the age of six this child was being secluded for multiple hours for minor offenses. The parents even moved him toContinue reading “Laws and thoughts”


Unexplainable Peace

Today, we are working on unexplainable peace, what is this you may ask, well this could be the peace that you feel in a hectic workplace or situation. Since this summer I am home all day this is the peace I still feel even though parenting a six- year old and a 10 year oldContinue reading “Unexplainable Peace”


Some people ask me how I manage to be somewhat healthy, honest answer is that I started taking and using the products from Melalueca. When my friend told me how much she loved these products and how it had changed her life for the better I just had to try it. I was slightly skepticalContinue reading “Wellness”

Little backstory

I have two sons, both of whom have autism. The one I know is most likely caused by a little known disorder called 22q.11.2 microduplication. Wow, is that a mouthful? I know, but there is no shorter name for it. I am told this is a rare disorder, but really it is not often diagnosed.Continue reading “Little backstory”

Come to Me

Being a parent to a special needs child can be tiring, frustrating, and utterly draining. Some days, you can feel like you just can’t do it anymore. However, it can also be fulfilling, exciting, and beautiful as you see your child grow and develop, despite their struggles. The key in all of it is realizingContinue reading “Come to Me”

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